Current Student Information 

Doctor of Philosophy in Geosciences (Ph.D):

Doctor of Philosophy in Geosciences program description
Geosciences Dissertation Committee form
Ph.D. Candidacy Examination and Proposal Defense

Master's Degree (MA, MS )  Pro grams:

Master of Science with Major in Geosciences
MS Degree Program Guidelines
Geosciences Thesis Committee form

Graduate College Links:

Financial & Status Issues:

Full-time status requirement

  • 9-10 credit hour requirement for Fall/Spring
  • 6credit hour requirement Summer
  • Form 10-Fall time equivalent waiver
    • must have an approved Plan of Study
    • continuous enrollment for prior 12 months
    • only enrolled in thesis/dissertation credits

RCR – Responsible Conduct of Research Training:

Online CITI course required for ALL Graduate Research Assistant
FAU workshops (4 Parts) required for Graduate Research students working on Grants

 Student Travel- TAR:

TA Contact 

Office space/Lab assignment - Dr. Xie

TA Scheduling & assignment questions - Dr. Hindle

Department IT support -

Paycheck - Komal Sharma

Tuition Waiver - Komal Sharma

Office/ Room keys, office supplies - Frances Weeks

Copy Codes - Frances Weeks

Mailboxes are in SE 411 for TA's