File Storage:

M: FAU Personal drive – This space is provided by FAU (not the Geosciences Dept.) and is available on all FAU computers. There is a storage limit of 20 MB.

G:\CourseMaterial - Instructors may use this drive to create a directory (using course number i.e. Gly2010) to put data used by their students such as images, assignments, notes, data files, etc.

G:\SemesterTempDrive\FAUNetID - This is a temporary storage space for the general student body to keep course work for one semester (120 days). Permissions are set to prevent access by other students. However, dept. faculty and graduate students have read access to these directories There is a 4GB disk space limit. Any files older than 120 days are automatically deleted.

G:\CollaborativeProjects - This is for faculty funded and non-funded research projects (and other projects not associated with classes). Only faculty have write access to this drive and graduate students have read access.

G:\Students\FAUNetID - This is for students (mostly graduate) that have requested permanent storage for course, DIS, and thesis work. Permissions are set to prevent access by other students. However, dept. faculty have read access to these directories. There is a 40GB disk space limit.

FileLocker, provides a secure place to temporarily store and share large files with others within or outside of FAU. This will be available to anyone with an FAUNet ID. You can use this folder to swap files with other students or faculty. Be aware that while this allows for SECURE sharing, it can also share "PUBLICLY" be careful with any type of sensitive information there.

The Department is not responsible for data loss, including accidental deletion or hard drive failure, so it is important to maintain duplicate copies of your data on your own media, such as USB memory stick or CD-R.