House of Refuge


Map & Directions


House of Refuge is located on the south end of Hutchinson Island. The outcrop starts just north of Bathtub Reef and extends for two miles along the shore. Many fossil fragments have been found at the House of Refuge, including Busycon. Less abraded fossils can be found offshore at a depth of 1–3 meters. This outcrop is highly bioturbated, with both large and small burrows. Thick carbonate crusts cover much of the surface. Solution pipes and pits are common, as well as many lithified infillings. Cliffs can be up to 15 feet tall and are notched at the base. Many rock masses have collapsed from wave erosion. Planar bedding can be seen in many of the cliffs. Abrasion platforms are also present along the cliff bases, although many are covered in sand and only exposed at low tide.


refuge Abrasion platform and notches   refuge Laminated calcium carbonate crust
refuge Bioturbated Surface   refuge Laminated calcium carbonate crust
refuge Busycon, from the offshore Anastasia outcrop(photo by Anton Oleinik)   refuge  Notches and caves

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