Dr. Xiaolang Zhang         

Dr. Xiaolang Zhang

Assistant Professor
Department of Geosciences
E-mail: xiaolangzhang@fau.edu  

Phone: 614-966-4127
Office: SE-474

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Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


Postdoc Researcher, Jul. 2023, the Ohio State University (OSU)
Ph.D., Sep. 2021, Hydrogeology, The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
B.S., Jul.2016, Hydrogeology, China University of Geosciences in Beijing (CUGB)

Research Interests: 

Groundwater numerical modelling
Surface water-groundwater interactions


Teaching Experience:

  1. Fall 2023, Human Mission to Mars
  2. Fall 2023, Freshwater Issues in Coastal Areas
  3. Spring 2024, Hydrogeology
  4. Fall 2024, Groundwater modeling



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