Dr. Eric Prokocki



Eric Prokocki

Assistant Professor

Email: eprokocki@fau.edu
Phone: (561) 297-3253  
Office: SE-452,  DW 329

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Post-Doctoral Fellow – Geological Sciences (University of Texas at Austin)

Ph.D – Geology (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

M.S. – Geology and Geophysics (Louisiana State University)

B.S. – Earth Science (Pennsylvania State University at University Park)


Research Interest

Earth Surface Dynamics

Process Sedimentology



Marine/Environmental Geology


Physical Geology

Sedimentology & Stratigraphy


Recent Publication

Prokocki, E.W., Best, J.L., Ashworth, P.J., Parsons, D.R., Sambrook Smith, G.H., Nicholas, A., Simpson, C.J., (2020), Alluvial architecture of mid-channel fluvio-tidal barforms:

the mesotidal Lower Columbia River, OR/WA, USA. Sedimentology , doi.org/10.1111/sed.12754.


Sandbach, S.D., Nicholas, A.P., Ashworth, P.J., Best, J.L., Keevil, C.E., Parsons, D.R., Prokocki, E.W.,Simpson, C.J.,(2018),

Hydrodynamic modelling of tidal-fluvial flows in a large river estuary. Estuar.  Coast. Shelf. Sci. , 212, p. 176-188.


Prokocki, E.W., Best, J.L., Ashworth, P.J., Parsons, D.R., Sambrook Smith, G.H., Nicholas, A., Simpson, C.J., Wang, H., Sandbach, S.D., Keevil, C., (2015),

Mid to late Holocene geomorphological and sedimentological evolution of the fluvial-tidal zone: Lower Columbia River, WA/OR, USA, In:

Parsons, D. R., Ashworth, P.J., Best, J.L. (Eds.), Fluvial-Tidal Sedimentology, Developments in Sedimentology , Elsevier, London, UK, vol. 68, p. 193-226.


Perillo M.P., Prokocki, E.W., Best, J.L., Garcia, M.H., (2014), Bedform genesis from bed defects under unidirectional, oscillatory, and combined flows,

Journal of Geophysical Research – Earth Surface , v. 119, no. 12, p. 2635-2652.


Fielding, C.R., Ashworth, P.J., Best, J.L., Prokocki, E.W., Sambrook Smith, G.H., (2012), Tributary, distributary and other fluvial patterns:

What really represents the norm in the continental rock record?, Sedimentary Geology , v. 261-262, p. 15-32.


Sambrook Smith, G.H., Best, J.L., Ashworth, P.J., Fielding, C.R., Goodbred, S.L., Prokocki, E.W., (2010),

Fluvial form in modern continental sedimentary basins: distributive fluvial systems: COMMENT, Geology , v. 38, no. 12, p. e230.




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