Dr. Maria Fadiman   

Dr. Maria Fadiman

Department of Geosciences
E-mail: mfadiman@fau.edu 

Phone: 561-297-3314
Office: SE-454

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Ph.D. in Geography (University of Texas at Austin) 2003  
MA in Latin American Studies (Tulane University) 1998   
BA in Latin American Studies (Vassar College) 1991 

Research Interests: 

Latin America
World Cultures and Environments
Environmental Issues 
Rain Forest Ecosystems


Rain Forest Ecosystems
GEA 4410-Latin America Culture 
GEO 6337- Culture, Conservation, and Land Use
GEO 6317-Plants and People
GEO-6938-Food: Culture and Environment

Recent Publication

Fadiman, M. 2011 Sustainable Development in the Galápagos: The Role of Coffee Production on San Cristobal Island.Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences 34:102-111

Cordoba, H., Ivy, R. and Fadiman, M. 2011. Cultural and spatial perceptions of Miami’s Little Havana. The Florida Geographer 42: 4-33. 

Fadiman, M. 2010. Cultural Connect with Local Megafauna: Maori and the Kauri. The Florida Geographer 41:4-21.

Fadiman, M. 2010. How Cultural Awareness and Ingenuity Benefits Forest Stewardship Council Certification in the Developing World: Case Study in Zimbabwe, Africa. Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences 33:75-84.

Fadiman, M. 2009. Amazonian Oil Exploration: Contradictions of Culture and Environment. FOCUS on Geography 52 (1): 1-10.

Fadiman, M. 2009. Wild Food Plants: Balancing Conservation and Utilization. Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences 32: 291-298.

Lakhan, S., Root, T. and Fadiman, M. 2009. Clean Water Accessibility in Northern Trinidad: Location, Collection, Storage and Socioeconomics. The Florida Geographer 40: 48-61.

Fadiman, M. 2008. Use of Mocora, Astrocaryum standleyanum (Arecaceae), by three ethnic groups ins Ecuador: differences, similarities and market potential. Journal of Ethnobiology Volume 28(1) 92-109.

Fadiman, M. 2008. “Starvation Taught me Art”: Tree Poaching, Gender and Cultural Shifts in Wood Curio Carving in Zimbabwe. Ethnobotany Research and Applications 6: 335-346.

Fadiman, M. 2008. Resource Stewardship: Rain Forest Use among Three Ethnic Groups of Ecuador. Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences 31: 310-318.

Fadiman, M. 2008. Natural Resource Use and Cultural Change: Nipa Hut Shingle Processing with Nypa fruticans, Arecaceae, in Palawan, Philippines. The Florida Geographer
39: 20-35

Fadiman, M. 2007. Exploring Conservation: Piguigua, Heteropsis ecuadorensis, In Ecuador. Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences. 30: 427-436.

Fadiman, M. 2005. Cultivated Food Plants: Culture and Gendered Spaces of Colonists and the Chachi in Ecuador. Journal of Latin American Geography Volume 4, No.1: 43-57.

Fadiman, M. 2004. Management, Cultivation, and Domestication of Weaving Plants: Heteropsis and Astrocaryum in the Ecuadorian Rain Forest. The California Geographer 44:1-19.

Fadiman, M. 2001. Hat weaving with Jipi, Carludovica palmata, (Cyclanthaceae) in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. The Journal of Economic Botany 55(4):539-544.




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