Dr. Hindle's Dissertations and Theses Supervised:

Keren Bolter, Ph.D., "Comparing Perceived Risk versus Actual Risk to Sea Level Rise: A Case Study for Broward County, Florida," Fall 2014

Amanda Mulcan, M.S., "Environmental Siting Suitability Analysis For Commercial Scale Ocean Renewable Energy: A Southeast Florida Case Study," Summer 2014


Dr. Hindle's Dissertation and Theses Committee participation:

Delores Forbes, Ph.D.,  "Augmented Reality/GIS: An Analysis of its Efficacy as an Educational Tool in the Geosciences," Fall 2014

John Zahina, Ph.D., “Attitudes and perspectives about backyard food gardening : a case study in South Florida,” Spring 2013

Augliere, Bethany, M.S., “Home on the range: spatial ecology of Atlantic spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis) in the Bahamas,” Fall 2012

Mary Crider, M.S. Thesis “The social and environmental effects of shrimp mariculture: Case studies of two coastal villages in Ecuador,” Spring 2012

Pitti, Joseph, M.S. Thesis “Mapping and analyzing the Florida reef tract in Palm Beach County in relation to major storm events in a GIS database,: Spring 2012

Jason Whitman,M.S., Variations in Model Discretization Methodology in Groundwater Modeling. (1999)