Dr. Yijie Zhu         

Dr. Yijie Zhu

Assistant Professor
Department of Geosciences
E-mail: yijiezhu@fau.edu  

Office: SE-408

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Ph.D. in Geography, Environmental Science and Policy (University of South Florida)
MEnvSc in Climate Change Impact Assessment (University of Toronto)
BS in Earth Science & Business (University of Waterloo & China University of Geosciences-Beijing) (2+2)

Research Interests: 

Tropical Cyclone
Climate Change
Natural Hazard

*Potential graduate students and postdocs interested in hurricane and climate-related fields are always welcome to email Yijie (yijiezhu@fau.edu).



Peer-reviewed Publications (* graduate students advised)

Zhu, Y. -J., Collins J. M., Muller, J. & Klotzbach, P. J. (2023). Accumulated Cyclone Energy-Based Tropical Cyclone Return Periods in Florida. Annals of the American Association of Geographers , 1–18.

Polen, A,  Collins J. M., Dunn E., Murphy S., Jernigan I., McSweeney K., Zhu Y. -J. (2023). How Post-Immunization COVID-19 Context Affected Residents’ Evacuation Behavior During Hurricane Ida. Weather, Climate, and Society , 15(3), 541-555.

Zhu, Y. -J., Collins J. M., Klotzbach, P. J., & Schreck, C. J. (2022). Hurricane Ida (2021): Rapid intensification followed by slow inland decay. Bulletin of American Meteorological Society , 103(10), E2354–E2369.

Collins, J., Polen, A., Dunn, E., Jernigan, I., McSweeney, K., Welford, M.,…& Zhu, Y.-J. (2022). Hurricanes Laura and Sally: A case study of evacuation decision-making in the age of COVID-19, Weather, Climate, and Society , 14(4), 1231–1245.

Zhu, Y. -J., Collins J. M., & Klotzbach, P. J. (2021). Nearshore hurricane intensity change and post-landfall dissipation along the United States Gulf and East Coasts. Geophysical Research Letters , 48(17), e2021GL094680.

Zhu, Y. -J., Collins, J. M., & Klotzbach, P. J. (2021). Spatial variations of North Atlantic landfalling tropical cyclone wind speed decay over the continental United States. Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology , 60(6), 749–762.

Zhu, Y. -J., & Collins, J. M. (2021). Recent rebounding of the post‐landfall hurricane wind decay period over the continental United States. Geophysical Research Letters , 48(6), e2020GL092072.

Zhu, Y. -J., & Collins J. M. (2021). The response of hurricane inland penetration to the nearshore translation speed. In Hurricane Risk in a Changing Climate. In Vol. 2. J.M. Collins. and J. Done, Eds., Springer

Zhu, Y. -J., Hu, Y., & Collins, J. M. (2020). Estimating road network accessibility during a hurricane evacuation: A case study of hurricane Irma in Florida.  Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment , 102334.

Zhu, Y. -J., & Evans, S. G. (2019). Mapping tropical cyclone energy as an approach to hazard assessment. In Hurricane Risk (pp. 71–87). In Vol. 1. J.M. Collins. and K. Walsh, Eds., Springer

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