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Tara Root, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Email  trootfau.edu  
Phone (561) 297-3253  
Office: SE-452,  DW 329

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Ph.D. in Geology and Geophysics (University of Wisconsin-Madison) 2005
MS in Geology and Geophysics (University of Wisconsin-Madison) 2000
BS in Geological Engineering (Colorado School of Mines) 1998


Research Interest

Groundwater chemistry
Water-rock interaction
Groundwater sustainability


Water Resources (online version Quality Matters certified)
Methods in Hydrogeology
Engineering Geology
History of Hydrogeology
Environmental Issues in Atmospheric and Earth Sciences
Field Methods
Earth Science for Educators


Recipient of the FAU Excellence and Innovation in Undergraduate Teaching Award (2013)


List of Theses Supervised

Recent Publication

Kuhn, T. and Root, T.L., 2012. Environmental Controls on the Distribution and Vigor of an Endangered Grass (Panicum abscissum Swallen). Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences, 35:403-411.

Survis, F.D. and Root, T.L., 2012. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Water Restrictions: A Case Study From Southeast Florida. Journal of Environmental Management, 112:377-383.

Root, T. and F. Survis, 2012. Human-Climate-Water Interactions in the Context of Managing Florida's Water Supplies. The Florida Geographer, 43:4-16. 

Berry, L., Bloetscher, F., Hern ndez Hammer, N., Koch-Rose, M., Mitsova-Boneva, D., Restrepo, J., Root, T., Teegavarapu, R., 2011: Florida Water Management and Adaptation in the Face of Climate Change: A White Paper on Climate Change and Florida's Water Resources, Florida Climate Change Task Force.

Root, T., Gotkowitz, M., Bahr, J., and Attig, J., 2010. Arsenic Geochemistry and Hydrostratigraphy in Midwestern U.S. Glacial Deposits. Ground Water, 48:903-912.

Lakhan, S., Root, T. and Fadiman, M. 2009. Household Water in Northern Trinidad: Source, Collection, Storage, and Socioeconomics. Florida Geographer, 40:48-61.

Root. T.L., 2008. Arsenic Speciation and Form in a Glacial Aquifer in the Midwestern United States. Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences, 31:25-33.

Root, T. and Carlson, E. 2007. Water Quality and Hydrology of an Environmental Preserve in Palm Beach County, Florida. Papers of the Applied Geography Conferences, 30:457-465.

Root, T.L., Bahr, J.M., and Gotkowitz, M.B., 2005. Geochemical and Environmental Controls on Arsenic in Ground Water in Southeastern Wisconsin, in O’Day, P. et al., Advances in Arsenic Research, American Chemical Society Symposium Series, 915, pp. 161-173.


Book Reviews

Root, T.L., 2014. Review of Groundwater for the 21st Century: A Primer for Citizens of Planet Earth. Groundwater, 52:647-648.

Root, Tara, 2013. Book Review: Albert C. Hine, Geologic History of Florida, Major Events that Formed the Sunshine State. The Florida Geographer, 44, 54-55.

Root, Tara, 2013. Book Review: Robert Brinkmann, Florida Sinkholes, Science and Policy. The Florida Geographer, 44, 56.




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