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Laboratory and Fieldwork Equipment




-Zeiss AxioLab microscopes with phase contrast (x2)
-Zeiss Stemi trinocular microscope

-Zeiss Stemi microscope on a boom stand for sediment core analysis
-HD imaging and video capabilities for all scopes

AxioLab Pollen     Pollen Workspace     Stemi charcoal


Sediment Analysis


-Muffle Furnace (5.3L)
-Gravity Oven (180L)
-Bartington Magnetic Susceptibility
-Sediment Core Cold Storage

-Centrifuge (5000RPM)
-Desiccator Cabinet
-3D Printer for Sampling Instruments (Departmental)

FurnaceLOI     Oven, Furnace, and Desiccator     Centrifuge



Isotopes and Other Equipment


-Cole-Parmer Microbalance
-Ohaus Pioneer Balance (1mg)
-Ohaus Navigator Balance (0.1g)
-Nested Sieves for Macroscopic Charcoal
-Lamotte Limnological Field Equipment

-Fumehood for Pollen Processing
-Aluminum and Ceramic Hotplates 
-Vortex Mixer

Microbalance     Fumehood     Sediment weighing



Fieldwork Equipment


-Colinvaux-Vohnout Sediment Coring System
-Quick Sampler
-Eijkelkamp Single root auger

-Vibracore System (Departmental)
-Field Truck and Van (Departmental)

Corer     Sampler     Boats and cows