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Costa Rica Fire



Central America:  We have research projects in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, many of which are collaborative with archaeologists from the University of Costa Rica and Florida Atlantic University. Research questions broadly focus on reconstructing both the paleoecology of local regions, generating paleoclimate records, and investigating the timing and intensity of human-environment interaction on the past landscape with special focus given to maize agriculture. Projects also include establishing a long-term fire history of the local environment.




South AmericaWe are working with a team of archaeologists in coastal Ecuador, led by Valentina Martinez, to investigate the environmental and climate histories of a variety of ecoregions, including cloud forests, located in an active cultural landscape. Additionally, Andres Garzon-Oechsle is leading on spatial modeling of past settlements and cultural activities using a variety of techniques, including LiDAR.




Caribbean:  We have a project located in the high elevations of central Hispaniola in the Dominican Republic. Our focus is identifying periods of climate aridity in our wetland sediment record and investigating the role of the mean position of the Intertropical Convergence Zone over the late Holocene on the Trade Wind Inversion elevation and subsequent paleohydrology of the highland valley study site.




Florida Mangroves



FloridaWe are establishing projects that will investigate the environmental histories of South Florida including three islands in the Everglades.