X Comas  




Xavier Comas, PhD 


Department of Geosciences
E-mail:  xcomas@fau.edu





PhD, Rutgers Univesity, 2005
BSc, Universitat de Barcelona (Spain), 2000

Research Interests: Application of near-surface hydrogeophysical methods to environmental studies with an emphasis in peatlands geophysics, karst geophysics, and studies of the Critical Zone.

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Graduate Students

Mackenzie Vecchio

PhD Student

Graduate Teaching Assistant
E-mail: mvecchio2013@fau.edu
Main research interest: "Critical Zone Geophysics: internal structure and dynamics of trees"

Shelley Peirce

PhD Student

Graduate Teaching Assistant
E-mail: speirce2019@fau.edu
Main research interest: "Peatlands Geophysics: spatial and temporal variability in carbon fluxes   "

Umida Turamuratova

PhD Student

Graduate Teaching Assistant



Main research interest: "Application of near-surface geophysical methods for investigating natural hazards "



Md Rajeun Islam

PhD Student

Graduate Teaching Assistant
E-mail: mdrajeunisla2021@fau.edu



Main research interest: " Peatlands Geophysics: testing airborne GPR to infer hot spots for biogenic gas accumulation"





Jorge A. Ramirez, PhD

Research Affiliate; Postdoctoral Researcher 2015
Department of Geosciences
E-mail: ramirez08063@alumni.itc.nl






Current Position: Postdoctoral  Researcher, University of Exeter




Lab Alumni


Maxwell Florey




MSc Geology August 2021 Department of Geosciences






ThesisChanges in physical properties of the peat soil matrix across a salinity gradient in the Everglades: implications for accelerating peat collapse during sea level rise.






Sanju Khatri



MSc Geology May 2022 Department of Geosciences





ThesisIdentification of surface depressional features potentially related to sinkholes in Martin County, Florida, using remote sensing techniques.






Haibat Khan



MSc Geology May 2022 Department of Geosciences






ThesisInvestigating depressional features associated with sinkholes in deep-seated interstratal karst using near-surface seismic reflection techniques in Central Florida.




Matt Sirianni, PhD

PhD December 2020
Department of Geosciences

Thesis: Investigating the effects of sea-level rise and increased salinity on peat soils of the Everglades (Florida): Implications for changes in biogenic gas dynamics and peat collapse



Matt McClellan, PhD

PhD May 2019
Department of Geosciences




Thesis: Using hydrogeophysical methods for investigating carbon dynamics in the Greater Everglades Watershed: implications for the spatial and temporal variability in carbon stocks and biogenic

 Current Position:  Geophysicist at US Army Corps of Engineers





Troy Bole

MSc Geology May 2019
Department of Geosciences




Thesis: High spatial resolution measurements using hydrogeophysical methods reveal the presence of hotspots for biogenic gas accumulation and release in the Florida Everglades










William Wright, PhD

PhD Dec. 2018
Department of Geosciences 



Thesis: Investigating biogenic gas dynamics from peat soils of the Everglades using hydrogeophysical methods

Current Position: CEO, WrightPSM, LLC; WrightPSM webpage










Cali Munzenrieder 

MSc Geology, August 2016
Graduate Teaching Assitant




Thesis"Understanding variability of biogenic gas fluxes from peat soils at high temporal resolution using capacitance probes"

Current Position: Hydrogeologist, JLA Geosciences









Finn Whiting

Graduate Teaching Assistant 2016-2017




Current Position:  Environmental Hydrogeologist at Maine Department of Environmental Protection.










Mario Job

Graduate Research Assistant 2016-2017




Geophysics in the Critical Zone, Environmental Geophysics Lab








Alex Garcia

BS Geology, 2016 Honors College

Undergraduate Research Assistant Environmental Geophysics Lab

Current Position: Environmental Engineer; NASA KSC Spaceport Integration and Services; Kennedy Space Center (FL)



Greg Mount, Ph.D

Ph.D. May 2014
Department of Geosciences

Post-doc, May-August 2014, Environmental Geophysics Lab



Thesis: Multi-scale characterization of dissolution structures and porosity distribution in the upper part of the Biscayne aquifer using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Current Position: Water Resources Manager; Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department; Broward County, FL









Mario Mustasaar

Ph.D. Student intern 2012-2013
Environmental Geophysics Lab




Current Position:  Ph.D. student at University of Tartu (Estonia), Department of Geology










Gerhard Heij

Undergraduate research assistant 2012
Environmental Geophysics Lab



Current Position: Sr. Geoscientist at ExxonMobil










Anastasija Cabolova, PhD

MSc Physics, January 2011
Department of Physics FAU; Ph.D. Cornell University 2015



Current Position: Geophysicist, Shell











Paul Monahan

Undergraduate research assistant summer 2011

Environmental Geophysics Lab

   Current Position: Geologist at Silver Creek Oil & Gas








Diego Quiros. PhD

MSc Physics, pending
 of Physics












Current Position: Lecturer in Geophysics, University of Cape Town



Lab Research Assistants


Carolina Hernandez-Burgos (2021-2022)

Joe Becker (2018-2019)

Chase Cornett (2016-2017)

Lucas Schaffer (2016)

Nathaniel Sharp (2014-2015)

Thomas Shahan (2014-2015)

Mitchell Collins (2015)

Zach Freeburg (2014)