Hall of Fame:


3 musketeers

Everglades, WCA2, FL: The Three Musketeers


Everglades WCA3, FL: Greg and friend

3 musketeers

Everglades WCA1, FL: Troy playing videogames at his favorite hideout


Caribou Bob, Maine: Willy showing his supervisory skills


West Palm Beach, FL: life is good in the green

      Mac V

Luquillo, Puerto Rico: Mackenzie tipping over trees

Matt PR

Luquillo, Puerto Rico: Matt playing with various toys

spain comp

Zaragoza and Besalú, Spain: Spanish rules for Geophysics: 1) protect the survey line; and 2) no need to find an outcrop, we'll make one for you


Luquillo, Puerto Rico: Beware with mixing geophysics and horses, it may get expensive...right Pancho?...

Blue Cypress

Blue Cypress Preserve, FL: Russian core issues...

      Mario Everglades

Everglades WCA2, FL: Mario and friend

airboat training

Everglades WCA2, FL: Training Day...click here to see video

      WCA platform

Everglades WCA2, FL: platform setup


Sumatra, Indonesia: Xavier and friend

      Gilles pic

Luquillo, Puerto Rico: Geophysics is fun! (photo credit: Gilles Brocard)

Indo bikes

West Kalimantan, Indonesia: Willy and Xavier motorized


Luquillo, Puerto Rico: Willy's state-of-the-art bamboo GPR sled

Indo barca

West Kalimantan, Indonesia: FC Barcelona rules!



Luquillo, Puerto Rico: Local coquí providing assistance with GPR survey

      Lee fruit ninja

Caribou Bog, Maine: Lee Slater (Rutgers University) teaching
"Fruit Ninja Skills 101"

mack outcrop

Luquillo, Puerto Rico: find Mackenzie...

      FAU expo

Boca Raton, FL: Matt showing off at the FAU Expo 2017


Disney Wilderness Preserve, FL: wrong turn...

      PR walkout

Luquillo, Puerto Rico: Leaving the field (almost) before dark


Everglades WCA3: Matt and Willy's favorite dance



                                             Joan Comas

Everglades, WCA2, FL:
Joan Comas, 1940-2014
in Memoriam